Thematic Area: Sustainable energy and energy storage
Dr. Saurabh Patankar
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Title: Catalysis for Agricultural Waste Valorisation

Presented the strategies to convert agricultural waste into chemicals and functional materials.
Dr. Le He
Soochow University, China
Title: Design of nanostructured materials for photocatalytic CO2 hydrogenation

Presented the ideas on harnessing solar energy to produce chemicals and fuels. Also highlighted the importance of photothermal reverse water gas shift reaction catalysis in utilization of plastic waste.
Dr. Ilya Menshchikov
Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russia
Title: Solid-state adsorption storage systems of methane and hydrogen based on nanoporous composite materials for energy applications

Presented the concept of storage of methane and hydrogen in adsorbed state as an effective alternative to compression under high pressure or liquefaction at cryogenic temperature and its application and use in hybrid vehicle.
Dr. Navruzbek Mirzaalimov, Andijan State University, Uzbekistan Title: Development and implementation of high efficiency solar photoelectric energy device 3D format for wide purpose nozi

Focused on the development and implementation for increasing the efficiency of solar photoelectric energy device 3D format for purpose nozi