Thematic Area: Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Dr. Ramesh Chatragadda
CSIR- National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India
Title: Chemistry and genomics of luciferins, fluorescent proteins, and
pigments from Deep - sea resources for toxicological and anticancer

Showcased a perfect combination of the fundamental research base and prospects for practical application of the results.
Dr. Natalia Semyonova
Federal Scientific Agroengineering Centre VIM, Russia
Title: Development of accelerated technology for growing planting material
of blue honeysuckle.

Practically oriented and reflects the demand for biotechnologies not only in medicine, but also in agronomy, in the production of food and raw materials.
Dr. Chao Wang
Soochow University, China
Title: Biomaterials - based drug delivery platform for immunotherapy for cancer,
infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders and age-related disease.

It is a high priority research topic with prospects for applying the results to wide areas of medicine: autoimmune and infectious diseases and age-associated diseases.
Dr. Snehasis Bhakta
 Cooch Behar College, West Bengal, India
Title: Polymer-coated Nanoparticles for Antibody Purification

Enlisted the importance of antibodies and its purification.  Also explained the functional properties of the coated nanomaterials for its selective binding properties with the particular binding sites.
Dr. Muslimbek Pirnazarov
Turin Polytechnic University, Uzbekistan
Title: Breast Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

The detection of early stage Breast Cancer Using Artificial Intelligence was depicted